Does Strava Show Your Weight?

Can you find out who flagged you on Strava?

Flagged activities will not appear on the segment leaderboards.

You can see the flagged status of your activity in several places: In your feed on the Strava website, you will see a flag icon next to the activity title.

Select My Activities page from the Training dropdown menu at the top of the page..

What can followers see on Strava?

All Strava athletes: Unless blocked, will see your complete profile details….When you select Followers:Followers: Will see your complete profile details. … Non-Followers: Will see limited profile details. … No one on the web: Will see a logged-out version of your profile or activity details pages.

Is strava dangerous?

Danger that Strava can fuel ‘obsessive tendencies,’ according to new study. Strava users can find themselves in danger of developing “obsessive tendencies”, according to a new university study.

Can anyone see my strava?

Anyone wanting to follow you will have to be approved by you, and only those you approve can see your uploaded activities and photos. If Enhanced Privacy is switched off, then anyone can see your photos, see your full name and any logged-in Strava user can follow you and view your activities.

Can I hide my activity on Strava?

The individual activity privacy controls are also available on the upload page on mobile and web. On the web, go to the activity and select ‘Edit’ (pencil icon.) Select ‘Privacy Controls’ to choose between ‘Everyone,’ ‘Only You’ or ‘Followers. … On the mobile app, go to the activity and select ‘Edit.

How do I hide an analysis on Strava?

Hide Heart Rate on your ActivitiesLocate the activity on which you’d like to hide your heart rate data on the option to edit (pencil icon).Click the box next to Hide Heart Rate to enable this setting.

Where do you put your weight in strava?

Go to and enter your bike info under “My Gear” in your account settings. Then edit the activity and select your bike. If you don’t create and select a bike on your activity, a default road bike weight of 9kg, or 20lbs, will be used. Enter your personal weight in your profile settings.

How accurate is strava calorie count?

Dr Howard Hurst, a senior lecturer in sport, exercise and nutrition sciences at the University of Central Lancashire, told me that as far as he can work out, “Strava has a margin of error somewhere between 25 and 50%”.

Can I stop someone following me on Strava?

Blocking an Athlete You can block a Strava athlete from the profile page of the athlete that you’d like to block. On the website, click the gear icon and select “Block Athlete”. On the mobile app, tap three-dot icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “Block.”

How does strava know my weight?

Strava’s Calculations To get calorie calculations for rides, Strava uses your power output and a coefficient for human efficiency. Power can be estimated if you enter your weight and the weight of your bike, or you can use a power meter to get a more accurate measure of your power output.