How Can I Automatically Forward Telegram Messages?

How can I find channel members in telegram?

To use MTProto, you need to login to with your existing Telegram account and get credentials: api_id and api_hash .

Here is a working example of how to use Telethon python library to get list of Telegram channel/group users.

It is easy to search channels/users by name/phone/URL with client..

Can we divert messages to another number?

You can divert your incoming SMS to any local Dialog number and IDD number or to any Email address as well. This can be a lifesaver if your phone is dying or you’re running out of credit. To use this service simply send DIV [mobile number to divert] and send it to 9010.

How do I automatically forward messages?

Forward your text messagesOn your Android device, open the Voice app .At the top left, tap Menu. Settings.Under Messages, turn on the forwarding you want: Forward messages to linked numbers—Tap, and then next to the linked number, check the box. Forward messages to email—Sends text messages to your email.

How do I automate telegram?

Step 2: Create a Telegram Bot for your Telegram Channel/GroupOpen BotFather. Type Botfather in your Telegram search box. … Type the /newbot command to create a new bot. Choose a name for your new bot. … Now choose a username for your new bot. … Once you are done you will receive an HTTP API token.

How can I forward Telegram without sender name?

Tap and hold on that file, few options will come in top right corner. One of them is right arrow in double inverted commas and one is without them. Tap on the right arrow without double inverted commas and choose the chat with whom you want to share it. This may help.

Can I send messages from telegram to Whatsapp?

Telegram and whatsapp are 2 different companies. So you cannot send msg from telegram to whatsapp.

Is Plus Messenger safe?

As far as I think, it is not harmful to use Plus Messenger. As it uses Telegram Servers for data transmission and your conversation data is stored in Telegram Cloud Storage, I guess. These points apply to all third party apps based on Telegram API.

How can I select all messages in telegram channel?

Go to (don’t open multiple Telegram tabs). Open that specific Channel/Group where you want to select all messages. Click the browser address bar, type letter j and then paste the copied script & press ENTER.

How do I forward a message on telegram?

Find the message you want to share with the other group. Then tap on the Forward Icon in the form of an arrow to the right. A window opens that lists all the groups, channels, and members you have on the telegram homepage. You can select and forward multiple dialog boxes from this field at the same time.

How can I hide my name from Telegram notification?

When setting up Telegram, you’ll have to enter your phone number and add your first name. If you don’t want to appear under your real name or phone number, or just want to be more creative and use a custom username, go into the Settings and tap on Username.

What is a telegram bot?

Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they’ll often have AI features. … They can do anything – teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

Is there a way to automatically forward text messages on iPhone?

On the iPhone, go to Settings/Messages and select Text Message Forwarding. A list of devices connected to your Apple ID will be displayed. Select all the ones you want text messages forwarded to. … After that, any text message sent to your stateside iPhone should be forwarded to your traveling phone.

Can I schedule messages on telegram?

Scheduling Texts Open the Telegram app (Android | iOS). Go to a group chat or a direct message. … You’ll see the option to “Schedule message.” Tap on this. Now you can choose the time and date for when your message will send.

How do I automatically forward iMessages to another phone?

Go into Settings and tap Messages. Click Text Message Forwarding and enable the device(s). If you do not see the option Text Message Forwarding here are a couple of tips: Ensure you are signed in to the device(s) you want to receive the iMessages from.