How Do You Thank A Police Officer?

How do you thank a law enforcement?

Make a graphic, share a picture or write a post expressing your thanks for your communities law enforcement.

Tag a local department, if you want to be sure they see it.

Honestly, no matter how you decide to say “thank you”, any officer is going to appreciate you!.

What is the motto of a police officer?

“To Protect and to Serve” became the official motto of the Police Academy, and it was kept constantly before the officers in training as the aim and purpose of their profession.

What does 126 mean for cops?

QuebecCodeDescription126Intercept suspect127Proceed with caution128No siren, no flashing….129Request back up26 more rows

How do you compliment a guy?

20 Compliments Men Can’t Resist”I Love The Way You Think””You Always Know Exactly What to Say””You’re an Incredible Father””I Love You Just The Way You Are””You’re Such A Good Cook!””Can You Help Me Fix This?””You’re A Great Listener””It’s Amazing How Hard You Work”More items…•

How do I complain about police in Victoria?

If your complaint doesn’t involve the above, you can make a complaint to the Victoria Police Conduct Unit. Call 1300 363 101 for advice and assistance from Victoria Police Professional Standards Command.

How do you say thank you to a police officer?

I am extremely thankful for everything that you do. We can’t think of an officer more resolute, upright, intelligent, and kind than you. You are truly the best police officer ever, and we are so grateful for your service in ensuring the safety of our community!

How do you show appreciation to the police?

6 Ways To Show Appreciation to your Local Law EnforcementWear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency.Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media.Ask children in your community to write letters or draw pictures in support of law enforcement.More items…•

How do you compliment a police officer?

Hands down the biggest compliment you can give is to let the officer’s supervisor know that you appreciated whatever the officer did, (the best way is a written note to the chief executive). Why? because police officers rarely are ever thanked or told that they did a great job.