Is It Possible To Clear UPSC In 6 Months?

Can I clear UPSC in year?

Contrary to what many think, it is possible to crack the UPSC IAS exam with one year of preparation.

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Can we clear UPSC in first attempt?

Revision is the most important weapon that helps you clear UPSC in the first attempt. It is not how much you study that matters, but how much you retain. So you should have a proper revision plan. Ideally one day of the week should be assigned for revision of what you have studied that week.

Is 3 years enough for IAS?

A year of focussed study is usually enough for IAS preparation. Though there are candidates who have cleared the examination with a preparation time of 3-6 months, it is advisable to dedicate a full year to prepare and appear for the exam.

Is it easy to crack IAS?

It is true that cracking civil services is quite hard, but it is definitely not impossible. It requires right guidance, dedication, time management, right study material, smart work, and knowledge of current events, along with a confident smart personality with leadership qualities.

Is 6 months enough for UPSC?

Civil Service Prelims exam is the first hurdle in the triathlon called UPSC CSE exam. You cannot take chances as all your hard work for the exam comes to an end if you can’t pass this stage. … Six months is sufficient time to prepare for UPSC Prelims even if you are a beginner.

How many hours IAS toppers sleep?

The three major factors are environment, health, and food. Health is the key aspect which decides our sleep. Daily five to seven hours sleep is enough for a UPSC aspirant.

How do I clear prelims on first attempt?

PrelimsStick to the basic books and revise them multiple times.If it is your first attempt, I’d say you should start exclusive prelims oriented studies 3 months before prelims.It is not possible to clear prelims by attempting only those questions which you are sure of. … It is better to attempt the paper in 2 rounds.More items…•

Which current affairs is best for UPSC?

Daily Current Affairs.Monthly Current Affairs Magazine.Daily Current Affairs Prelims Quiz.Daily Static Quiz.Press Information Bureau (PIB)Rajya Sabha Discussions (RSTV)All India Radio (AIR)

What happens if I fail UPSC interview?

The candidates who have cleared the civil services Main exam, but failed to clear the interview may still get jobs with government agencies and ministries if the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) recommendations are accepted by the government.

Can I clear UPSC in 5 months?

If you aspire to be one and wondering if you can crack the IAS examination in 5 months, don’t worry. … On an average, a UPSC Civil Services aspirant puts in about 12 to 15 months of preparation. Many candidates are known to devote one complete year after they graduate before they appear for the UPSC examination.

Why one should go for UPSC?

The talented ones also get to represent the nation at world forums. A person who wants to participate closely in the process of building society and wants to bring about positive social change should definitely try to crack the IAS examination.

Which Ncert is good for UPSC old or new?

If you are an IAS aspirant, NCERT textbooks are your best friends. Yes, NCERT textbooks are not only useful for school examinations but can help you fetch valuable marks in the IAS exam as well. UPSC asks many questions from NCERT textbooks. If you are an IAS aspirant, we recommend you start from Class 6 NCERTs.

Is self study enough for IAS?

This is difficult in case of self-studying. Coaching can be very helpful in scoring well in UPSC exams as there is always a time constraint involved. Self-study can take a lot of time to prepare. Else it is the best form of preparation,” says Jagpal Singh Dhanoa, IPS.

Is 1 year enough for UPSC?

Yes, 1 year is sufficient for IAS preparation without coaching. If you do focus study then you can clear this exam in your first attempt. Preparing for UPSC itself is a full time job ,during preparation you need to work hard daily at least 6-8 hours. … The upsc is focusing on current affairs in prelims and mains.

How can I clear my prelims in 6 months?

Tips for UPSC Prelims PreparationRevise the previous years’ papers: Revising the previous question papers will give you a fair bit of idea about what to expect in the Prelims paper. … Revise the NCERTs: In UPSC CSE Prelims, questions have been asked directly from the NCERTs.More items…

Can I clear UPSC in 7 months?

Yes. Even if you start preparing now – if you adopt the right strategies, do the smart-work, learn what is needed, and don’t go behind everything under the Sun – yes, you can clear UPSC CSE Prelims with just 6 months of preparation.

How many hours study for UPSC?

Ideally, an aspirant should study for 9-10 hours around the year with intensifying it to up to 12 hours prior to a month of the examination.

How can I start my IAS at home?

How to prepare for IAS at home?Understand the UPSC pattern and procedure first.Go through the UPSC syllabus thoroughly.Start reading a few books and watch video lectures online for a few basic subjects like polity, history, geography, etc.Read the newspaper regularly.More items…