Question: Should I Choose Anomaly Attractor Or Void?

What is the point of Randonauting?

Essentially, the main goal of the app, as discussed in the r/randonauts sub-Reddit, is to “get you out of your routine and go to a specific local place you’ve probably never even noticed”..

What is a void?

noun. an empty space; emptiness: He disappeared into the void. something experienced as a loss or privation: His death left a great void in her life. a gap or opening, as in a wall. a vacancy; vacuum.

What is the Randonaut challenge?

If you’ve got a smartphone and access to the internet, you have everything you need to start your journey as a randonaut. Randonauting is using a random number generator to produce specific coordinates within a set radius of your current location that you can travel to as a way of exploring the world around you.

Who invented Randonautica?

Joshua LengfelderRandonautica (a portmanteau of “random” + “nautica”) is an app launched on February 22, 2020 founded by Joshua Lengfelder(/lænɡfældɛr/). It randomly generates coordinates that enables the user to explore their local area and report on their findings.

What does Anu mean?

Anu is the name of an indigenous community from Venezuela. Anu, is a name in the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria. It means “mercy”. It’s the short form of the name: Anuoluwapo, meaning “the mercy of God is great” ANU is an acronym for Australian National University among others.

What is a quantum point in Randonautica?

All three of these coordinates are determined using something called a “quantum point.” A quantum point is basically a coordinate that’s generated from a random number generator, and it’s thought to be non-deterministic, AKA completely random.

How do you do Randonauting?

To go Randonauting, you must set an intention. This could be anything, like a certain feeling or thing that you intend to find at the random place. Then, you see if the outcome comes true.

Is Randonautica actually random?

Randonautica is an app that generates a random set of coordinates, prompting the user to visit them for a “fun and meaningful adventure.” However, according to the app, these coordinates are not entirely random and a “randonauting” adventure is influenced by the user’s intent.

What is the difference between attractors and voids?

The darker blue areas are Attractors, and the lighter green areas are Voids. Each black dot is a Quantum Point. As you can see, there can be multiple attractors and voids of differing power, depending on relative density.

What does attractor mean?

An attractor is defined as the smallest unit which cannot be itself decomposed into two or more attractors with distinct basins of attraction. This restriction is necessary since a dynamical system may have multiple attractors, each with its own basin of attraction.

Is Randonautica safe to download?

As for keeping your personal information safe with how Randonautica uses your data and location information, according to the Privacy Policy, the app doesn’t collect user data, and the only thing it stores on the server is user reports and the destination coordinates. Your starting point is never saved.

Is the Randonautica app dangerous?

However, there have been no credible reports linking Randonautica to any cases of human trafficking. “Because the locations are randomly generated and not pre-selected,” the site states, “there is no way for a predator or other unsavory character to wait for users at the locations.”

What is a entropy source?

Definition. An entropy source is an input device or a measured characteristic of an I/O device on a computer that supplies random bits: specifically, bits that an attacker cannot know.

What’s the difference between attractor void and anomaly?

After that, you’ll be asked if you’d like to visit an attractor, void, or anomaly. An attractor is a spot the app deems has the highest concentration of quantum dots, whereas a void is the least. An anomaly is the strongest pick of those two different options.

What is RNG Anu or temporal?

RNG: What is ANU & Temporal? Next, the app will ask you to select RNG, or random number generator. ANU is the random number generator by the Australian National University.

What are blind spots in Randonautica?

Blind-Spots A Blind-Spot is a place in the real world that you would never normally encounter through any chain of causal experiences.