Question: What Do You Call An Informant?

What do you call a snitch?

Snitch Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for snitch?betrayercanaryfinkinformantinformernarkratsnitchersquealerstoolie131 more rows.

What does informant mean?

: a person who gives information: such as. a : informer. b : one who supplies cultural or linguistic data in response to interrogation by an investigator.

What does Pigeon mean in slang?

Pigeon definitions A person easily deceived or gulled; dupe.

What is a Stooly?

Also called stool·ie [stoo-lee], stooly. Slang. a person employed or acting as a decoy or informer, especially for the police.

What does the idiom stool pigeon mean?

1 : a person acting as a decoy or informer especially : a spy sent into a group to report (as to the police) on its activities. 2 : a pigeon used as a decoy to draw others within a net. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about stool pigeon.

What’s the difference between adviser and advisor?

According to, “adviser and advisor are both accepted spellings of the noun meaning one who advises or counsels. There is no difference between them. … Adviser may be seen as less formal, while advisor often suggests an official position.”

Is snitching a bad word?

snitch | Intermediate English to secretly tell someone in authority that someone else has done something bad, often in order to cause trouble: If you keep snitching on your friends, you won’t have many left.

What is another word for informant?

What is another word for informant?informersquealersnitchbetrayerrattattletalestoolienarkfinktattler115 more rows

What is an informant signature?

Informant. The informant, preferably the mother (or the father or another adult having knowledge of the personal facts concerning the birth), is responsible for providing the legal facts (for example, parents’ names) and signing the birth certificate to certify that the information is correct.

What’s an informant in suits?

An informant is more like someone who gives information that he already has, and is not actively working for the police to gather new information. … In the suits example, mike is supposed to gather information about his cellmate and relay it to law enforcement in exchange for his freedom.

What is another name for financial advisor?

What is another word for financial adviser?securities brokerbrokerinvestment analystinvestment bankerstockbrokertraderagentnegotiatorbroker-dealerdealer18 more rows

What is the opposite of an advisor?

Noun. ▲ Opposite of one who offers advice. pupil. student.

What’s another word for advisor?

What is another word for advisor?adviserconsultantcounsellorUKcounselorUSauthorityguideaideconfidantdirectordoctor43 more rows

What does Stoolie mean in slang?

noun. Slang. One who gives incriminating information about others: informant, informer, tattler, tattletale.

What did 69 snitch on?

The “FEFE” rapper, whose legal name is Daniel Hernandez, made the disclosures during his third and final day of testimony in a racketeering case against alleged Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack.

How do you spot a snitch?

Recognizing a snitchA stranger or casual acquaintance tries to get you to do or advise on illegal activities.A friend suddenly starts pushing you to do or advise on illegal things.A person joins your group and statements he/she makes about his/her background just don’t add up.More items…