Question: What Does It Mean To Follow Orders?

What is another word for order?

What is another word for order?sequencearrangementdispositionorderinggroupingstructuresuccessionarrayclassificationseries197 more rows.

What do you call someone who idolizes someone?

You can idolize someone you’ve never met, like a famous actor, and you can also idolize a friend or family member. A boy who idolizes his father adores him unquestioningly, believing that everything he does is admirable. Another way to say idolize is worship, and both words have a religious origin.

What does it mean to follow blindly?

adverb. If you say that someone does something blindly, you mean that they do it without having enough information, or without thinking about it. [disapproval] Don’t just blindly follow what the banker says.

What should I say instead of in order?

Respectively is defined as in the order given. An example of respectively is what one might say instead of “in that order” in “Alice is 5 and James is 7, in that order.”

How do we obey God?

Confessing your sins daily, repenting against yourself and knowing God loves you and has forgiven your sins daily. Read 1 John and Romans. Visiting a Bible believing, a Jesus and Gospel filled church, a truth loving church and person loving is a great way to learn more about God and meet to people to encourage you.

What is Stickler syndrome?

Stickler syndrome is a group of hereditary conditions characterized by a distinctive facial appearance, eye abnormalities, hearing loss, and joint problems. These signs and symptoms vary widely among affected individuals. A characteristic feature of Stickler syndrome is a somewhat flattened facial appearance.

What does it mean to be on orders?

To be “on orders” means to be given a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), which means the base you will be working at is changing. Another situation where you are on orders is because you have been ordered to deploy or report somewhere temporarily for training.

What does it mean to obey someone?

obey and mind mean to do what a person says. obey is used when someone quickly yields to the authority of another or follows a rule or law. Obey your parents. … mind is used like obey especially when speaking to children but it often means paying attention to the wishes or commands of another.

What does it mean to pay to the order of?

“Pay to the order of . . .” means, “This is a negotiable instrument, which may be transferred to a third party by an endorsement directing payment to that party or to the order of that party.” The “order” refers to the direction from the payee or subsequent endorser to pay to another.

Is stickler a bad word?

Stickler has its origins in a word meaning umpire, which may allude to a stickler’s bossy nature. Difficult problems or puzzles are called sticklers. It is helpful when remembering the definition of stickler that it has the word “stick” in it. So someone who “sticks” to the rules is a stickler.

What does disobey mean?

to neglect or refuse to obey (someone, an order, etc)

What do you call someone who obeys rules?

If you always do what you’re told, you can be described as obedient. … When you realize that the word obedient comes from a Latin word meaning “to obey,” it’s easy to remember what obedient means. Use obedient to describe someone who knows the rules, toes the line, and follows instructions.

What’s a word for breaking the rules?

What is another word for breaking the rules?disobeyingdefyingviolatingtransgressingdisregardinggoing againstmockingopposingrebellingrebelling against24 more rows

What is another word for Stickler?

What is another word for stickler?perfectionistfanaticenforcerhard taskmastermaniacnitpickernutpuristtaskmasterfusspot14 more rows

What do you call someone who follows orders?

Examples: The boss seemed to prefer apparatchiks to anyone with a glimmer of independent thought. … In current use, however, a person doesn’t have to be a member of the Communist Party to be called an “apparatchik”; he or she just has to be someone who mindlessly follows orders in an organization or bureaucracy.

What does obey the rules mean?

to act according to what you have been asked or ordered to do by someone in authority, or to behave according to a rule, law, or instruction: The soldiers refused to obey (orders). to obey the rules of international law. See also. obedient.

What do you call someone who follows blindly?

synonyms: jingoistic, chauvinistic, excessively patriotic, excessively nationalistic, flag-waving, xenophobic, racist, racialist, ethnocentric. loyalist. sheep / sheeple. blind follower.