Question: Which Modes Of Transport Is Very Flexible?

What is the cheapest mode of transport?

Railway systemAmong the different means of transportation, Railway system is the cheapest and safest mode both for passengers and goods.

It is the most affordable mode of transportation used for travelling for long as well as for short routes..

What is the objective of transportation problem?

The transportation problem is a special type of linear programming problem where the objective is to minimise the cost of distributing a product from a number of sources or origins to a number of destinations. … The destination of a transportation problem is the location to which shipments are transported.

What is the importance of transportation in logistics?

Transportation means movement of products from the beginning of the supply chain to the customer. Transportation plays a significant role in any supply chain because products are rarely produced and consumed at the same location.

How many modes of transport are there?

threeTransport modes are the means by which passengers and freight achieve mobility. They are mobile transport assets and fall into three basic types; land (road, rail, and pipelines), water (shipping), and air.

Which is the most flexible type of transportation?

According to research undertaken by the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), route deviation is the most commonly operated flexible service type. This is followed by the use of request stops and the demand-responsive connector.

Which is the best mode of transport Why?

Rail travel is the best mode of transport for the futureReduces CO2 emissions.Rail travel is cheaper.Rail travel is often faster.Trains do run often and alert you to any delays.Trains.MPG.

What are the 5 modes of transportation?

The different modes of transport are air, water, and land transport, which includes Rails or railways, road and off-road transport. Other modes also exist, including pipelines, cable transport, and space transport.

Which layer of pavement should withstand stress?

The second layer is mostly called the binder course. The lower layers are the base courses. The surface course constitutes the top layer of the pavement and should be able to withstand high traffic- and environmentally-induced stresses without exhibiting unsatisfactory cracking and rutting.

What is the objective of transportation?

Objective 1: Design streets and highways that are safe and efficient to move vehicular traffic, accommodate transit, pedestrians and bicyclists with minimal environmental impacts. Objective 3: Identify and address the needs of minority and low-income populations in making transportation decisions.

Which is your Favourite mode of transport?

My favorite mode of transportation is a combination of bicycle + bus or bicycle + train. Being in the US, it is easy to carry my bicycle (bike) on a bus or train and go to work, distant shopping mall, park, mountains, beaches etc. … Sometimes riding the bus or train can also be a great experience of meeting new people.

What’s the main objective of transportation planning?

A completed transportation planning process communicates the desire and direction of the state for progress. A proper transportation planning process assists in shaping the economic quality of life because it can enhance the mobility of goods and people.

What are the latest modes of transport?

Five futuristic modes of transport transforming travel01 Hyperloop. The Hyperloop concept was introduced by prolific inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2012, when he announced engineers from his Tesla and SpaceX companies would begin work on a demonstrator. … 02 Autonomous helicopters. … 03 Super-trains. … 04 Elevated cycle paths. … 05 Smart roads.

Which type of board should be installed if the speed limit is 100kmph?

Explanation: Large sizes of boards are required when speed limit exceeds 100kmph, for lesser speeds small and medium sized boards can be used.

Which is the most expensive mode of transport?

Air TransportAir Transport However, air is also the most expensive means of transportation; it is generally used only for smaller items of relatively high value—such as electronic equipment—and items for which the speed of arrival is important—such as perishable goods.

Which is the oldest mode of transport?

WaterWater: The Oldest Means of Transportation.

Which is the most flexible type of transportation available Mcq?

The other 3 types of transport systems have to depend upon the roads to reach their destination point from the terminals that is railway station, harbours and airports. This discussion on Which is the most flexible type of transportation available? a)Roadwayb)Railwayc)Waterwayd)AirwayCorrect answer is option ‘A’.

How can I start a transportation business in Nigeria?

Steps to start a transportation businessDecide on the type of transportation business you want to carry out.Choose your location and the routes that are lucrative.Obtain your vehicle either through lease, hire purchase or an outright buy.Driving it yourself.Engaging a professional driver.More items…•