Question: Will There Be A Rdr3?

Who is Callander rdr2?

Mac and his brother Davey were two criminals who joined Dutch van der Linde’s gang at some point in the past.

Davey was rescued and taken with the gang as they fled for the mountains, although Mac was separated from them and had to escape on his own..

Does Jack Remember Arthur?

Years later, whilst he was living with his family on a homestead, Jack talks about Arthur with Abigail and tells her that he can remember Arthur saving them, if only a little. Abigail confirms that he remembers correctly but that John does not like to talk about it.

Is there going to be Red Dead Redemption 3?

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a monumental video game. Expectations were sky high for its release, considering the pedigree of developer Rockstar Games and the quality of Red Dead Redemption. … Though the series has proven a smash success, it seems unlikely you will see Red Dead Redemption 3.

Why did Dutch leave Arthur to die?

If the player was honorable, Dutch will leave because he is unable to choose between them. After which, Micah leaves in anger, while Arthur dies of his tuberculosis as he watches the sun rise from the mountainside. … In this case, what happens is that Arthur abandons John in order to go back to the gang’s burning camp.

Can John Marston get the money from the cave?

John and Arthur manage to run through the caves, escape with their horses on the other side, and ride away until their horses are killed. This is where the choice comes in: Arthur can help John escape, or go back to the caves and get the money from Dutch’s stash.

What happened to Jack Marston after rdr1?

The last I saw of Jack in the Red Dead Redemption series, he had just put a bullet in the then-retired agent, Edgar Ross. … With no family, no friends and no purpose, I really can see the Jack we are left off with by the end of RDR1 enlisting to fight in WWI.

What will rdr3 be about?

RDR3 should be another prequel with Dutch and Hosea in the center of attention. You can play as a young version of either one of them and the story is about how they met and founded the van der Linde gang and met their members.

Is Red Harlow uncle?

Red Harlow isn’t Uncle because he is roughly the same age as John Marston in the games, Red Harlow was born like between 1860 to 1870 and Red Dead Revolver takes place around 1880’s likely in 1888 and so they couldn’t be the same person at all.

How does Abigail Marston die?

In 1914, Abigail Marston dies of unknown causes, and Jack buries her on the ranch next to John and Uncle.

Why did Dutch shoot Micah?

Another idea I’ve heard is that he was initially going to take the money that is in the little shack behind Dutch and was planning to kill Micah to take it. But, realizing that John needed it more to support his growing family, he left it and shot Micah.

Who kills John Marston?

Edgar RossDespite his father’s sacrifice, Jack begins his adult life on the path of an outlaw; he tracks down and kills Edgar Ross in revenge, avenging John’s death. In 1914, three years after John was killed, Abigail dies from unknown causes.

Can Arthur Kill Micah?

If you choose to go back for the money, Arthur heads back to the burning camp of the Van der Linde gang. He gets the money, but Micah Bell ambushes him. … Micah stabs a crawling Arthur in the back, finally killing him.

Who gave Arthur TB?

Thomas DownesArthur got TB after Thomas Downes coughed on him during the mission Money Lending And Other Sins III. Arthur was the gang’s enforcer, the brute, the one who was the most intimidating, and the one who was supposed to not feel pain.

Will rdr3 be a prequel?

The game has set a high bar for a sequel, if Rockstar do choose to develop Red Dead Redemption 3. … Red Dead Redemption 2 is a direct prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption; one which fills in the blanks of John Marston’s life story and the story of the Van Der Linde gang.

Can you save Lenny?

But can you save him from this fate? Unfortunately not. Lenny is going to die in Red Dead Redemption 2, no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter whether you, as Arthur, ride around aiding the innocent or shoot strangers in the face as soon as you see them; every scripted death in the game is unpreventable.

How old is Sadie Adler?

Appearance. As of 1899, Sadie is a slender young woman likely in her late 20’s or early 30’s, with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.

Will Rockstar make rdr3?

Take-Two previously stated that Rockstar Games will develop Red Dead Redemption 3 but its development depends on RDR2. Red Dead Redemption 2’s success was to fuel the development of RDR3. The latest installment has made over 700M in a week, probably much more at the time of this writing.

What happened Jack Marston?

Jack is later kidnapped by the Braithwaite family and given to Angelo Bronte, and is missing from the gang for some time before returning to the gang after they complete a business deal to get him back.

What year is rdr2 epilogue set in?

1906The game jumps forward several years following Arthur’s death at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2’s main story, and it’s 1906 by the time the epilogue (starring John Marston once again) starts, so a good seven years have passed.

Who will we play as in rdr3?

If it were up to me, RDR3 would be set in Rockstars version of Chicago in the 1920’s. The Protagonist would be named Arthur Jackson (allegedly the son of Arthur Morgan and Tilly Jackson but looks like a younger Bill Williamson if he had mixed parentage).

Is Jack Arthur’s son?

Jack is actually Arthur’s son. Think about what Arthur decides to do, look at Jack, then look at John. … Arthur wanted John to get out with Abigail because it was too late for him. He wanted a better future for his son, Jack.