Quick Answer: How Do You Know If The Pocket WiFi Is Fully Charged?

Does Pokefi work in China?

Enjoy your GFW free Internet service in China.

No restrictions on Facebook/Line/WhatsApp/Google services anymore.

Expires in 2 years from the time of purchase.

China VPN package only covers Mainland CHINA (except XinJiang Province), service is provided by roaming operator partner(s)..

How do you know if Pokefi is fully charged?

It’s suggested to turn OFF the Pokefi while charging and use 2A output charger for faster charging. When it’s fully charged, the Blue light around the ON button will turn from flashing to solid.

How do you charge a pocket WiFi?

To charge fully, the Pocket WiFi should be plugged into a wall socket for 4 hours. Should you decide to charge it via a USB cable, the total charging time will be around 9 hours.

Is it okay to use pocket WiFi while charging?

4: Don’t use your phone while it charges But unless you’re using a low-quality knock-off charger, this is not remotely true. Your battery will charge as expected whether or not you use the device.

How do I fix my pocket WiFi not charging?

Try each of these steps if your device has charging issues.Verify that your device, charging port, and battery contacts are not damaged. … Verify that your Pocket WiFi can power on. … Verify that your charger is working. … Verify that your Pocket WiFi is running the most recent software. … Perform a soft reset.

How do you buy Pokefi loads?

Purchase Instruction If you need a real time process, please have your device turned ON and connected to the Pokefi WiFi, then go to http://a.pokefi, choose top up via PACKAGE. To top up from here, you must provide us S/N# of your Pokefi device (you can find the S/N# inside the backcover).