Quick Answer: How Do You Say Gugu Mbatha Raw?

Who is Gugu Mbatha Raw husband?

Gugu Mbatha Raw Boyfriend / Spouse Husband: Unmarried.

Children: She has no children.

Harry Lloyd (2012) Previously, she has dated Game of Thrones’ star Harry Lloyd..

Can Gugu Mbatha Raw speak Zulu?

Her first name: Her English mother and South African father named her Gugulethu (Gugu for short), which is Zulu for “our pride.” The actress says she can’t speak a word of Zulu.

Who are Gugu Mbatha Raw’s parents?

Patrick MbathaFatherAnna MbathaMotherGugu Mbatha-Raw/Parents

How much is Gugu Mbatha Raw worth?

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Net Worth: Gugu Mbatha-Raw is an English actress who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Born in 1983 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, as Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha, Gugu Mbatha-Raw studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London in the early 2000s.

How tall is Gugu Mbatha Raw?

1.62 mGugu Mbatha-Raw/Height

How old is Gugu Mbatha Raw?

37 years (April 21, 1983)Gugu Mbatha-Raw/Age

What is Gugu?

often disparaging. : a native of the Philippine islands —used chiefly in Hawaii.

Does Gugu Mbatha Raw sing?

While the intense sexualization of today’s female musicians isn’t anything new, something surprising to come out of the film is Mbatha-Raw’s own musical talent. “I had sung before but never really on that style,” the actress says.

Where was beyond the lights filmed?

L.A. AllainBeyond the Lights was primarily shot on location in L.A. Allain explains why shooting in the city was so important to the film. “We needed to shoot in LA, because it’s such an L.A. story.

What ethnicity is Gugu Mbatha Raw?

Early life. Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha-Raw was born on 21 April 1983 in Oxford, the daughter of Patrick Mbatha, a black South African doctor, and Anne Raw, a white English nurse. She grew up in Witney. Her first name is a contraction of igugu lethu, which means “our pride” in Zulu and in isiXhosa.