Quick Answer: What Are Teaching And Learning Support Materials?

What does Ltsm mean?

Learning and Teaching Support MaterialLearning and Teaching Support Material (LTSM) is a broad term which is used to.

denote a variety of materials used by teachers and learners in the context of.

teaching and learning.

The prescription, procurement, distribution and..

What are teaching/learning resources?

Learning Resources Materials are materials that are used for teaching a course. … Assignment: Activities or lesson plans designed to enable students to learn skills and knowledge.

What is the purpose of resources in learning and teaching?

Individuals who are different from each other in terms of maturity, motivation, ability, learning styles, aspirations, interests, aptitudes and socio-economic background. The purpose of learning and teaching resources is to provide a source of learning experiences for students.

What is the purpose of teaching and learning?

Teaching then helps or facilitates this learning process for others which could and sometimes does take place without direct and intentional teaching. Teaching should make learning better and faster but teachers can’t learn for others (though as we all know teachers learn much from teaching).

What are learning activities?

Learning activities, as the name suggests, are activities designed or deployed by the teacher to bring about, or create the conditions for learning. … Some learning activities stimulate experiential learning, others mobilise conceptual thinking, while still others prompt students to engage in analytical discussion.

What are examples of learning materials?

Learning resources might include any of the following:Textbooks.Software.Relevant reading materials.Videos.Recordings.

What are the curriculum materials?

TERMS USED. Curriculum materials are educational resources that provide curriculum and instructional experiences for preschool through 12th grade (P-12) students. These materials are used by educators to develop curricula and lesson plans and may also be used in actual instructional situations with P-12 students.

What is teacher support material?

Access to learning materials to assist teaching is central to the provision of a quality education. Learner-teacher support material (LTSM) provides essential teaching tools and materials required by each school. Schools are provided with a budget from the Department of Education with which to purchase these materials.

How do you facilitate the learning process?

10 Tools Used to Facilitate Learning StrategiesFacilitate class, group, and one-on-one discussions and debates.Allow students to call on one another for answers, rather than the instructor.Ask questions that don’t have one single answer. … Roleplay different scenarios or play games to illustrate lessons.More items…

What are the three types of instructional materials?

Learning Outcomes After watching this lesson, you should have a full understanding of the three most common types of instructional materials – traditional resources, graphic organizers, and teacher-made resources – and their importance to the process of teaching your students.

What are the types of teaching/learning materials?

Teaching-learning materials can be classified into three types i.e., audio aids, visual aids, and audio-visual aids.Audio Aids: Aids that facilitate learning by using the sense of hearing are known as audio aids. … Visual Aids: … Audio-Visual Aids:

What are the importance of teaching and learning materials?

Learning materials are important because they can significantly increase student achievement by supporting student learning. For example, a worksheet may provide a student with important opportunities to practice a new skill gained in class.