Quick Answer: What Height Should A Letterbox Be?

Who decides where mailboxes are placed?


Contact your local postmaster first.

The USPS does not legislate the relocation of residential mailboxes nationally.

Rather, they allow local postmasters to decide what is best for their geographic location and mail service..

What is the standard size of a letterbox?

about 30 cm by 5 cmA “letter box”, or “mail slot” in American and Canadian usage, is a slot, usually horizontal but sometimes vertical, about 30 cm by 5 cm (12 inches by 2 inches), cut through the middle or lower half of a front door.

How do I choose a letterbox?

If you choose a standard letterbox, think about how it will alter the look of your door. If you have an imposing black front door with a brass knocker, choose a letter box to match. If you have a more modern looking property, pick something sleek for your letterbox, such as clean plastic or brushed steel.

How do you measure for a new letterbox?

STEP 2: OPEN THE EXTERNAL FLAP & MEASURE THE POSTAL SLOT To use the 10 inch upvc letterbox model your postal slot size (not aperture in the door) must be in this range: Width – 215mm – 245mm. Height – 37mm – 55mm.

Are all letter boxes standard size?

The minimum internal dimensions of a mail box should be 330mm x 230mm x 160mm high. … Nests of boxes should have apertures located within the height range of 600mm to 1600mm. All boxes should have street numbers or flat or apartment numbers prominently displayed on the box.

Can you replace a letterbox?

If your letterbox is broken or damaged, it is your responsibility gets a replacement letterbox. You must make sure that your letterbox is fire and smoke retardant when choosing your replacement box. Take a look at our video to learn more about how to replace your letterbox.

Is it easy to replace a letterbox?

Most original letterboxes are well placed, making replacement managable by tailoring the cut out, but if you have a poor original position, it may be difficult to disguise the original cut out without getting a new door.

Do I need permission to move my mailbox?

Regardless of where you are moving the mailbox 2 inches from its current location, or from the street to the house, you do need to request permission to move the mailbox. Call your local Post Office and speak with a delivery manager.

How big is a UK post box slot?

An estimate would be between 8-12 inches wide and maybe 5.5cm high (or smaller). Width : In old areas, it can be as little as 8 inches wide. But in the newest areas it may be around 12 inches wide. And areas between old and new may vary between these sizes.

How far from the street should a mailbox be?

The roadside face of a mailbox should normally be located a distance of 0.3 metres from the edge of the road. Placing a mailbox closer to the edge may result in the mailbox being damaged during snowplowing operations. Alternatively, mailboxes may be installed within an existing widened portion of a roadway.

Can I have two mailboxes at my house?

No. One box to an address. Multiple people can use the same box. The only reason for multiple boxes at one address is in the event of an apartment building or several dwellings at the same address.

Are post boxes safe?

Your post is in safe hands once it makes it through the slot. …

Where do I install letterbox?

The most sensible place for a letterbox is either an exterior letter box, or if one is worried about others getting hold of the mail, a letterbox positioned in a panel or wall that goes directly into a secure locked area such as a garage, porch or secure pillar box (i.e. somewhere that can not be viewed externally).