Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Supplemental?

Is supplemental unemployment benefits the same as unemployment benefits?

Supplemental unemployment benefits refers to taxed benefits designed to provide additional income to terminated employees along with the state unemployment benefits.

SUBs typically come into play when unemployment is due to training, illness or injury, temporary lay off etc..

What are supplementary lessons?

Supplementary Lessons consists of ways to teach the grammatical features and advanced attributes of English. Grammatical features are learned as extensions of what students have learned about words*. … Inflected endings are units of meaning that, when added to words, change their functions but not their meanings.

What are supplementary reading materials?

Textbooks are written to support a specific course and relate directly to the syllabus of that course. The importance to the educational process of access to a wide variety of reading materials is widely recognized. …

What is a supplementary good?

Definition – Supplementary goods are two goods that are used together. For example, if you have a car, you also need petrol to run the car.

What is the difference between supplemental and supplementary?

As adjectives the difference between supplemental and supplementary. is that supplemental is acting to supplement while supplementary is additional; added to supply what is wanted.

What is the difference between complementary and supplementary?

Supplementary angles are two angles whose sum is 180 degrees while complementary angles are two angles whose sum is 90 degrees. Supplementary and complementary angles do not have to be adjacent (sharing a vertex and side, or next to), but they can be. … The same is true for complementary angles.

What is supplemental learning support?

The term “supplemental educational services” refers to free extra academic help, such as tutoring or remedial help, that is provided to students in subjects such as reading, language arts, and math. This extra help can be provided before or after school, on weekends, or in the summer.

What is a supplemental address?

Supplemental address means a residential housing unit or child-occupied facility where a child with confirmed lead poisoning regularly visits or attends.

What is the meaning of supplementary?

1 : added or serving as a supplement : additional supplementary reading. 2 : being or relating to a supplement or a supplementary angle.

What is a supplemental page?

Supplemental documents are used to provide additional information to recipients. These documents don’t require signatures and may be used to convey the terms and condition of an agreement. … Upload the document that will serve as a supplement to the signed document.

Does supplemental mean optional?

Definition: Supplemental information is an optional part of the definition of a lexical unit, containing culturally or logically expected information. To strike the palms of the hands together, as in applauding.

What does supplemental text mean?

Something added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole. 2. A section added to a book or document to give further information or to correct errors. 3. A separate section devoted to a special subject inserted into a periodical, such as a newspaper.

What is supplemental work?

Supplemental Employment is any other employment for. compensation in addition to an employee’s regular employment with the. City of Grand Rapids. Supplemental employment shall not prevent an employee from fulfilling their primary responsibilities to the Department.

What are supplemental sources?

Supplemental resources refer to any nonrequired instructional materials included in an online course. Simply put, they’re materials students can engage in, not materials they have to engage in.

What does supplemental reading mean?

Supplementary is a little something extra to fill in a gap, like when your teacher suggests supplementary reading material that you may or may not get around to checking out. Supplementary can be an important part of something or just extra support.

What is a long term supplemental employee?

Share. View. Supplemental Employee means an employee who is designated by the Company as a “long-term supplemental employee” or a “supplemental employee” in accordance with the Company’s established personnel practices. Based on 4 documents. 4.

What means former employee?

Former Employee means all individuals (including common law employees, independent contractors and individual consultants) who were employed or engaged by the Company in connection with the Business but who are no longer so employed or engaged on the date hereof.

What does Supplemental mean in court?

SUPPLEMENTAL. That which is added to a thing to complete it as a supplemental affidavit, which is an additional affidavit to make out a case; a supplemental bill. (q.v.) A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States.

What can I say instead of in addition to?

Synonyms of in addition toadditionally,again,also,besides,either,further,furthermore,likewise,More items…

What is another word for supplemental?

What is another word for supplemental?supplementaryauxiliaryaccessorialappurtenantextraadditionalancillarysecondarycomplementarysubsidiary150 more rows