Quick Answer: Why Don T Certain Apps Work On My WiFi?

Why isn’t my Telegram app working?

Make sure the latest app version is installed.

Go to Telegram Settings > Notifications and Sounds, make sure that notifications are ON and Importance is set to “High” or greater.

Check notification priority for Telegram in Android settings, it can be called Importance or Behaviour depending on the device..

Why Telegram is not installing?

If you meet those requirements and grant permissions but you’re still unable to install the app, you should clear Play Store cache and try again. If the problem is persistent nonetheless, we advise you to try the APK file and install Telegram that way.

Can you connect Alexa to WIFI without app?

Connect Alexa To Wifi Without App. If you want to connect your Alexa device with the Wireless Internet network without using Alexa App. Then, you will need to have an active and fast internet network. Your Alexa Device always connects and works well with dual bandwidth internet router devices.

Why is prime video not working on my TV?

Restart the device or reinstall the app If you’ve narrowed the problem down to a particular device, restarting the device can solve all sorts of issues. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the Prime Video app and then reinstall it. You’ll probably need to log into Prime Video again after you do this.

Why is my WiFi not working on some apps?

Clear the cache from the Google Play Services app: Settings > Apps or Application Manager > Google Play Services > Clear cache > OK. Uninstall and reinstall Google Play Store updates: Settings > Apps or Application Manager > Google Play Store app > Uninstall Updates > OK.

How do I restrict WiFi to certain apps?

In the Android settings for networks and Wi-Fi, tap on Data usage. Next, tap on Network access. Now you see a list with all your installed apps and checkmarks for their access to Mobile data and Wi-Fi. To block an app from accessing the internet, uncheck both boxes next to its name.

Why Amazon app is not working on WiFi?

If you still can’t connect, you may want to contact your internet service provider (ISP), router manufacturer, or network administrator for additional support. If your lock is connected to Wi-Fi but the device seems slow/unreliable, the signal may be weak: Some devices show signal strength in the Key by Amazon app.

Why is my home WiFi not working?

On Android devices, check your settings to make sure the device’s airplane mode is off and that Wi-Fi is on. 3. Another network adapter related issue for computers could be that your network adapter driver is out of date. Essentially, computer drivers are pieces of software telling your computer hardware how to work.

Why do some apps not work on WiFi iPhone?

It is possible that it simply needs rebooting or you may have to go through it’s menu to check and make sure that something is not blocking access to those apps, especially if it has a built-in firewall setting. Since the problem only occurs with your home Wi-Fi network, check your wireless router.

Why Telegram is not working in WiFi?

Proxy, VPN, and DNS That could be one reason why Telegram not connecting or working on an Android phone. Change the location on your VPN or proxy app and check again. If that doesn’t work, disable them and use mobile internet or your WiFi network. … If you are using a custom DNS, remove it to see it that helps.

Why Telegram is banned?

Telegram has a history of use by terrorist organizations. Its refusal to provide access to encryption keys ran afoul of Russia’s anti-terrorism laws, which require messaging services to give authorities access to decrypt messages.

Why does my Amazon app not work?

If restarting the app doesn’t help, then you can try a device restart or soft reset instead. This should help clear any minor glitches in the phone system that might have caused the Amazon shopping app to misbehave. It also clears up the phone’s memory for faster and better performance.