Quick Answer: Why Is Edelgard Obsessed With Byleth?

Does Byleth kill Edelgard?

If Byleth taught the Blue Lions or Golden Deer however, she appears with Metodey in her Flame Emperor persona, and her true identity is revealed following the battle.

Rhea then orders Byleth to kill Edelgard, seeing her as a threat to Fódlan..

Can you keep the lance of ruin?

To get the Lance of Ruin in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll either need to be a member of the Blue Lions house with Sylvain in your roster, or recruit him separately if you’re not a part of the Blue Lions house. … To keep it, simply select the “keep” option at which point it’ll be picked up by Sylvain for future use.

Does Edelgard always die?

Edelgard can never be spared, but she doesnt die in her route. Dimitri has a bad habit of dying in the timeskip of every route but his own. This kinda bugs me, it causes him to have no presence in any of the stories.

Is Rhea Byleth’s mom?

Rhea created a clone of herself with ancient magic to try and make a new body for Sothis so she could reincarnate. Clone Rhea fell in love with Jeralt and they had a kid, wich is Byleth. … Genetically speaking, Rhea is his mother.

Why did nemesis kill sothis?

Nemesis killed Sothis and crafted the sword out her body. He did that because he wanted power and didn’t like being inferior to the goddess and her children.

Can female Byleth marry Edelgard?

Although the female version of Byleth can romance other female characters like Edelgard and Dorothea, male Byleth’s sole gay romance option is not what it seems, at all. As such, there are zero gay romance options for male Byleth in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Is Edelgard in love with Byleth?

yes, Edelgard has an absolute obsession with Byleth. Well, not all routes, in Blue Lions, she more or less ignores you, and will only make some vague comment if you make him attack her.

Why is Byleth called the ashen demon?

Byleth has somewhat of a reputation from their earlier years in their father’s mercenary corps for being a fearless and skilled warrior, gaining the moniker of ‘Ashen Demon’, due to the way they seemingly emotionlessly cut down their enemies in combat.

Can you romance Edelgard as a female?

Romance As Male or Female Byleth Edelgard will be available to romance, regardless of which gender you have chosen for Byleth. However, it is required for you to be in the Black Eagles House to romance her.

Should I kill or protect Edelgard?

Knowing that Edelgard is the Flame Emperor may make you hesitate in choosing to protect her. However, based on the outcomes of both choices, we feel the best option is choosing to protect Edelgard here. After you do so, Rhea’s true form will be revealed and everything will make a lot more sense.

How do I join the Edelgard side?

Just below, we’ll provide you with some brief steps on how to reach the split in the Edelgard story route:Reach Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem Three Houses.Choose to explore the Monastery on a Sunday.Go and speak to Edelgard in the Monastery entrance hall.Pick to join Edelgard in the Imperial Capital, or leave her.More items…•

Why does Edelgard turn into a monster?

It is a monstrous form she takes by harnessing the full power of her two Crests. Though the Hegemon Husk lacks proper programmed stats, Edelgard, the game’s sole Hegemon Husk, is defined by her incredible offensive power and strength.