Quick Answer: Why Is My Optus NBN Not Working?

How long does it take for NBN to activate Optus?

within 4 hoursYour line will normally activate within 4 hours.

If your issue persists, I would advise checking with our NBN Activation team on 1300300427..

Why is my Telstra phone not working?

Take the battery out and put it back in, then turn the phone back on (if applicable) … For specific issues and troubleshooting tips, visit mobile support. Back up your data first, then perform a factory reset. You can transfer, back-up and restore contacts and all your important data with Telstra Device Care app.

Do all phones work with NBN?

Any cordless phone or corded phone with tone dialing will work with a NBN gateway. Only DECT phones that support DECT 2 can be paired with the gateway, If you have a DECT 6 cordless phone it will work with the base plugged into gateway but the handset can not be paired with gateway.

Do I need a technician to install my NBN?

You’ll need a power source that’s within 1.5m of the modem so your phone and internet can work on the nbn. If you don’t have a power point where you want the nbn connection installed, you’ll need to get a licenced electrician to install one for you.

How long does it take for NBN to activate?

The text will indicate that the activation could take up to 24 hours to complete, however most of the time and if there are no problems, it’s very quick and your service running by the evening. For nbn™ device installations, the technician needs to sign off that nbn™Co have completed the appointment.

How do I know when NBN is activated?

To know that it has been activated and working, you will be able to access the internet and phone through it. If you currently have ADSL internet and are being switched over, the ADSL will stop working, then the FTTP connection should start shortly afterwards.

Why is my phone not working with NBN?

Firstly, make sure your landline is plugged into the green port on your modem. If it is and the issue is still present, please give the NBN team a call on 1800-834-273 for further investigation. Having some issues? Click me to try and resolve them yourself.

What to do when NBN stops working?

Turn off power to the nbn™ connection box and contact your phone and internet provider. Alternating red/blue There may be a line fault, such as an off-hook telephone. Disconnect all non-compatible devices from telephone wall sockets. If that doesn’t work, contact your phone and internet provider.

How do I activate NBN Optus?

Installing the modem is easy. All you need to do is follow the included instructions and connect the modem to the nbn connection box or telephone line installed in your home. Then connect the modem to your computer, switch it on and follow the prompts to complete the setup process.

Why does Optus NBN keep dropping out?

Drop outs can be an issue with NBN HFC (which is a totally different network and cable to Optus HFC.) A different modem may help but it’s possible you’ll need to ask Optus to get the NBN to investigate your line.

Do you lose your landline with NBN?

First, if you have booked a connection with your telecommunications provider, your landline will not be severed until your NBN is connected. If you have yet to sign up to connecting to the NBN, as soon as you do sign the contract, your existing service will be maintained until the NBN connection is ready to use.

How do I fix my Optus NBN?

Step 1: Is your NBN broadband service still working? Yes – Continue to the next step. … Step 2: Restart your NBN Modem. Remove the power cable from the back of your modem for 60 seconds, then plug it back in. … Step 3: Check your phone. At times the wiring may be what is causing your issues. … Step 4: Give us a call.